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(Updated: 26 July 2022)

Horspath Speedway Archive

Images relating to the Horspath Cycle Speedway will be found on the Speedway Archive page: Horspath Speedway Archive

Horspath Railway Archive

Images and text relating to the history of the railway in Horspath will be found on the Railway Archive page: Horspath Railway Archive

Horspath Village Archive

Images and text relating to Horspath Village will be found on the Village Archive page: Horspath Village Archive

The Coronation Bench

The following photograph was supplied by Keith Brooks who discovered it on a thumb-drive while doing a clear up. It was taken in 1953 by Roy Cripps.

Coronation Bench

Coronation Bench. Image supplied by Keith Brooks. Photographer Roy Cripps.

The Hennes Paintings

The Hennes, Hubert and Hilary, were both painters and lived in Gidley Way. Their house was demolished in 2019 but one of the local residents, Cath Riley, saved a number of paintings which would otherwise have been throw away. Images of these paintings can be seen on the Horspath Archaeological Group's website at: Hennes Paintings

Thank You Lunch for Heather Palmer

On Saturday 30th October 2021, we had a lunch for Heather Palmer, our previous webmaster, to say thank you for all the work she has put in over the years to maintain the website.

Heather's Lunch

Lunch at the Queen's Head for Heather.
June (Heather's sister), Anna Radcliffe, Judy Kent, Sheila Frankum and Heather.